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A Guide to Picking the Right Phone Plan

When you prepare to buy a new phone, you should also assess whether it’s time for a new wireless plan. Here are some steps to make that process easy.

The Sad Truth About Sleep-Tracking Devices and Apps

Our personal tech columnist tracked his sleep for two weeks with an Apple Watch and some software. Here’s why he concluded it was a pointless exercise.

Covering Protests Where There Is a Distrust of Social Media

Daniel Victor, a reporter in Hong Kong, on why protesters there chose not to go after the Instagram moments while marching.

Is Your Heartbeat Off, or Blood Sugar High? On the Road, You Can Keep Track

Travelers with heart conditions, diabetes and epilepsy can check on themselves — even report to their doctors — with new devices and apps.

How a Meal Planning Service Made Me a Better Cook

Recipe planners such as eMeals and PlateJoy can wean you off prepared foods and teach you to love cooking.

Prime Day’s Best Sellers by Year

What will people buy on Prime Day 2019? We look to previous years’ best sellers for clues.

How a Longtime Tech Editor Keeps His Tech Use Simple

Why complicate things with unproven bleeding-edge tech? Jim Kerstetter, deputy tech editor, also shops local and stays away from Uber and Postmates.

The Week in Business: Nike Faces a Sneaker Critique, and Christine Lagarde Needs a Replacement

Also, Facebook is working to filter out misleading (and annoying) health content.

Photo Gallery, 2019 Version

Gallery by Menalto was my favorite web gallery package for years, but active development and support for it ended over 5 years ago. I kept my instance running for a while, but eventually gave up and archived it. I had lots going on in my life, so put off actively looking for an alternative until recently.

My first try was to using a mediawiki site and their bulk uploader plugin. While there is a lot to like about wikis, I quickly concluded that photo galleries were not their thing. Back to the drawing board.

Searching online identified these three candidates:

Installing the Atom Program Editor

Why a Program Editor

There are almost as many program editors written as there are programmers. All have their adherents, some of whom defend their choices with religious zeal. So, granting everyone their right to their own opinions, I will here suggest that the Atom program editor ( is an excellent choice for a beginning programmer to install on a Mac.


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