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The $60 Gadget That’s Changing Electronic Music

The Swedish company Teenage Engineering has won over kids — and professionals — with a revolutionary idea for a synthesizer: Make it simple.

Tech Meets Health Care, Sometimes Shakily

Katie Thomas, who covers health care, has chronicled how the technology disruption in her field has raised questions that are still unanswered.

The Week in Business: The China Trade War Clobbers the Markets

Plus, where should police departments draw the line with facial recognition surveillance?

The Tools for Covering Tech Are the Same as in 2009

John Herrman, who writes about the internet, is using many of the same tech tools as a decade ago — but the conversation around how we use them has changed.

How to Thwart Facial Recognition

Give the camera someone else’s face — or obscure your own. Strive for asymmetry. Make your head unheadlike.

Facebook Love Scams: Who’s Really Behind That Friend Request?

A New TV Show from The New York Times on FX and Hulu

Everybody Hates the Key Card. Will Your Phone Replace It?

Technology that allows hotel guests to use their phones as room keys is expanding, taking aim at those environmentally unfriendly plastic cards.

The Week in Business: Food Stamps Come Under Fire, and Facebook Gets Fined (Again)

Plus, the Epstein scandal takes another casualty — Deutsche Bank.

T-Mobile and Sprint Are Merging. What Does That Mean for You?

The combined company could potentially lead to higher prices, improved service and faster deployment of 5G network technology.

When Online Procrastination Is Your Job

There’s a reason that logging off is very important to Amanda Hess, a critic at large who covers the internet and the culture it creates.


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