Honeymoon Hashtag Hell

Social media pressure to take perfectly posed photographs may lead to the first argument as a married couple. Is it worth a fabulous Instagram shot if you are just having a horrible time?

Are Rechargeable Batteries Better Than Alkaline? Most of the Time

In some cases, single-use batteries are still the better option.

How to Organize Your Messy Contacts List

The contacts list on your phone is probably less a list of people you talk to and more a list of everyone you’ve ever talked to. Here’s how to clean it up.

How to Protect Your DNA Data Before and After Taking an at-Home Test

Mail-in genetic tests offer a wealth of information about your ancestry and insight into medical risks — in exchange for a lot of data. Here’s where that data goes, and how to delete it.

Have App, Will Travel Like a Local. Hopefully.

The push to get travelers to book tours and activities through mobile apps and websites has never been more vigorous.

Outside the U.S., It’s All About WhatsApp

Adam Satariano, who covers technology in Europe, became a frequent user when he moved to London.

Your Best Tips for a Better Uber or Lyft Trip

When we asked you for your best tips for better ridesharing trips, dozens of drivers and fellow passengers replied. Here are the best tips we heard.

‘Screen Time’ Is Over

The phrase can’t remotely capture our ever-shifting digital experience, social scientists say. Say hello to the “screenome.”

The Week in Business: A Surprise Tariff War, and the Future of iPhone Screens

Plus, Uber will give rude customers the boot, and a victory for gender-neutral parental leave.

Facebook’s Notifications Are Out of Control. Here’s How to Tame Them.

Facebook already has you hooked, but now it wants to keep you engaged with dozens of notifications each day. Here’s how to get a little peace and quiet.


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