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Google to Buy Fitbit for $2.1 Billion

The deal represents an aggressive attempt by Google to bolster its lineup of hardware products.

Tired, Hot or Hungry? We Found the Apps for You

The sharing economy has made it possible to be even more demanding, on demand. We tested apps for when you need a swim, a nap, a boat or a foodie experience.

Period-Tracking Apps Say You May Have a Disorder. What if They’re Wrong?

Apps like Flo and Clue are shifting from just tracking your health data to using it to make evaluations about your health risks. Their tools may not always be accurate.

In the Van With the ‘Juicers’ Who Round Up and Recharge Lime Scooters

Los Angeles streets are dotted with Skittles-colored scooters and e-bikes that have one thing in common: They’re electric, and they need juice.

16 Useful Gems in Apple’s New iOS 13

iOS 13, Apple’s new operating system for the iPhone, comes with tons of new tools under the hood. Here are some of the most helpful.

Dash Cams That Can Back You Up in an Accident

After a car accident, a dash cam can be your most reliable — and, often, only — eyewitness to prove it wasn’t your fault. Here are the models we recommend.

This Week in Business: A Brexit Battering, and Mark Zuckerberg Plays Defense

Plus, the monthlong strike at General Motors may be over soon.

These Apps Are an Uber Driver’s Co-Pilot

Gridwise, Mystro and others help drivers predict where to get the best routes, and also manage the nitty-gritty for tax purposes.

Meeting the ‘Mona Lisa’ for an Intimate (Virtual) Rendezvous

Visitors to the Louvre will experience Leonardo da Vinci’s world through a virtual-reality tour that brings them closer to the masterpiece than ever before.

Filming the Show: Pardon the Intrusion? Or Punish It?

A seized phone. A stopped concert. A text from Rihanna. All are new fuel for a heated debate about theater etiquette in the digital age.


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