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  • Photo workflow
  • Lightroom actions
  • Photoshop CS3
  • GPS / Geotagging
  • Mapping
  • Music
  • Pets On-Line

Today I brought a new domain up: as a new site using drupal 6. It follows the multi-site approach outlined here: and took a very few moments to add to the existing two sites, and

Resizing Images for Slideshows - Mac

In my earlier article, Slideshows in a Digital Age. I talk about the need to resize images down to something that resembles the projectors inherent resolution. The idea is that since a good projector can only handle 1024 x 768 pixels, embedding a picture bigger than that only strains powerpoint and your hard drive — the projector still only puts 1024 x 768 pixels onto the screen.

So here’s a quick and easy approach for Mac users if you don’t want to fire up either Lightroom, Aperture or Photoshop:

Digital Slideshows - 2

The earlier article on digital slideshows focused on some key differences between the old 35mm slideshows and today's digital presentations, and spent some time on the importance of the resolution of the digital slide projector. Today's piece looks at the software part. Now that you have your folder full of "right-sized" images, what do you do with them? What are the commonly-used programs, what features do they offer, and how do you choose?

Slideshows in a Digital Age

Kodak carousel trays

Life used to be simpler. In the old days, when I wanted to put on a slide show, I just gathered up my 35mm slides, arranged them in a Kodak Carousel tray (or two), and headed off to do the show. Everyone had carousel projectors and screens. There were some worries, but they seem minor:

Places to Visit with Kids

Leslie circulated an email with recommendations for places to take kids. Here is the list:

* Ellis Island Museum, New York City: About 40 percent of Americans are descended from someone who immigrated through this station. Visiting is a powerful experience, thanks to the smartly curated exhibits—and you get a terrific view of the Statue of Liberty on the same ferry ride (, free guided tours, audio tours $6).


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