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Using HoudahGeo to Geocode Lightroom Images

I have a reasonably large collection of images catalogued in Adobe Lightroom (version 2.6 at time of this writing), but only a very few of them geocoded.

Jamaica Slide Show

Here is a slideshow from our trip to Jamaica in March, 2009. We stayed in a nice house on the Tryall Golf Club about 20 mi. west of Montego Bay. As always, it was beautiful and very enjoyable.

Last "On War" Column

William S. Lind has written the "On War" blog for a number of years. He published what may be his last column, On War #326, Finis this week.


Pew Survey Shows 44% of US Respondents Believe China is Largest Economy

Reporting on a recent poll, the Pew Research Center revealed, "44% of the public now says China is the world’s leading economic power." The overall results indicated a sharp decline in US confidence in its position (see the whole report here).

The degree of ignorance this reflects is somewhat staggering. The US's economy is by far the world's largest in absolute terms, as illustrated by this graph of GDP by year for several countries.


Securing the Border: Challenges for the U.S. and Mexico - Part 3

A few weeks ago, William Lind opined on 4th Generation War (4GW) coming to the US in the form of the heavily armed gangs in central California. He questioned our priorities, noting that Iraq and Afganistan may be far less troublesome issues than the developing chaos steming from these gangs (see the below article).


US Military "Volunteers" Enter 4GW fray in Salinas


It looks like William Lind's blog will continue on the Global Guerrillas site.

Defense and the National Interest is shutting down its website. Long an outlet for 4th Generation Warfare theory and news, the site will be sorely missed. William Lind has announced that his archives (and blog) will move to the Global Guerrillas site, so all is not lost.



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A safe operating space for humanity

The Spaceship Earth image so popular following the moon missions focused much creative thought on the importance of preserving our living space, with discussions ranging from adequacy of food, preservation activities and Malthusian discussions of population growth vs. resources. Recently, however, the focus has turned to climate change and the impact of fossil fuel usage on rising temperatures.

Movie on YouTube: LR Export to flickr

Here is a movie I did today in Camtesia for mac on using Jeffrey Friedl's LR to flickr plugin:


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