Is Your Heartbeat Off, or Blood Sugar High? On the Road, You Can Keep Track

Travelers with heart conditions, diabetes and epilepsy can check on themselves — even report to their doctors — with new devices and apps.

Prime Day’s Best Sellers by Year

What will people buy on Prime Day 2019? We look to previous years’ best sellers for clues.

How a Meal Planning Service Made Me a Better Cook

Recipe planners such as eMeals and PlateJoy can wean you off prepared foods and teach you to love cooking.

The Week in Business: Nike Faces a Sneaker Critique, and Christine Lagarde Needs a Replacement

Also, Facebook is working to filter out misleading (and annoying) health content.

The Man Who’s Putting More Sex Toys on Walmart’s Shelves

“I want to become the Kleenex of sex toys,” says Jamie Leventhal, whose small consumer products company was tapped by the giant retailer to create a new line.

The Apps You Need for Smarter Travel in Asia

You may rely on Google Maps and Uber in the United States, but if you’re traveling to Japan, Korea or China, consider installing one of these.

How to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day

Prime Day 2019 will be two days: July 15 and 16. Here are the deals to expect, how to shop if you’re not a Prime member, and how not to regret your purchases.

Photo Gallery, 2019 Version

Gallery by Menalto was my favorite web gallery package for years, but active development and support for it ended over 5 years ago. I kept my instance running for a while, but eventually gave up and archived it. I had lots going on in my life, so put off actively looking for an alternative until recently.

My first try was to using a mediawiki site and their bulk uploader plugin. While there is a lot to like about wikis, I quickly concluded that photo galleries were not their thing. Back to the drawing board.

Searching online identified these three candidates:

Instagram Therapists Are the New Instagram Poets

Mental health professionals are speaking to the “therapy generation” online, at no cost. And it’s bringing in business.

About the Idea That You’re Growing Horns From Looking Down at Your Phone …

Neck strain and bone spurs are certainly possible from poor posture, but some experts doubt that cellphones are the only culprit.


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