YouTube Is About to Demote a Wide Swath of Its Creators

YouTube is changing whom it will verify and why. Creators say they’re baffled and upset.

Now Tinder Wants You to Have Your First Date on Tinder

A choose-your-own-adventure series is designed to give young Tinder swipers something to talk about.

Smart Lights Enhance Home Security and Shine a Light on Crime

Smart lighting brightens up your home and makes life more convenient. But it’s also an easy and effective way to enhance home security.

There’s a New iPod Touch. Yes, in 2019, and Yes, It’s Worth Looking at.

Sure, there’s a new iPhone, but Apple’s launch of a new iPod Touch earlier this year came with laughter from some. Others see an opportunity.

Virtual Reality Video Games That Double as Exercise

Virtual reality is still niche, but a growing crop of VR games with a fitness element may inspire people to pick up a headset. Here’s what to know before you get started.

Counter Service Tipping: Who Gives?

Those customer-facing, touch-screen payment systems in restaurants are confounding customers in the U.S. and beyond.

How to Make Your Smartphone Last Longer

Smartphones are more expensive than ever, but we still don’t keep them very long. Here’s why, and what you can do to extend their life.

When Apps Get Your Medical Data, Your Privacy May Go With It

Medical groups are warning that new federal data-sharing rules, enabling people to get their health records through a smartphone, could lead to invasions of privacy.

How to Stop Slack From Taking Over Your Life

Slack is a useful tool — until its pings and notifications turn ever-present and irritating. Here’s how to take back control.

How to Travel Using an E-Bike or Scooter

If you follow the safety precautions, an electric bike, scooter or motorbike is an easy and cheap way to tour most urban centers.


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